UFO in Slovakia
Alien Evidence

UFO Spotted in Slovakia- Exclusive Video

LIVE UFO CAUGHT ON VIDEO Many have claimed to seen various forms of UFO around lately, but most have been people trying to fake their way into the spotlight with their footage. We however at Strangify, make sure that all the videos we post, either it is about UFO’s or Area …

Indian river drains to show ancient mysteries

Indian River Reveals Ancient Mysteries

We all are aware of the extreme conditions of Planet Earth right now, mainly caused by a combination of drought and overconsumption of water. This unique situation caused an Indian River to start draining, revealing surprising secrets underneath its banks. The river in question is the Shamala river in Karnataka. …

Disneyland ghost caught on camera

Disneyland Ghost Captured on Camera

The Famous ” Disneyland Ghost” was captured on camera in the happiest place on earth We unearthed an exclusive 2009  video made presumably of the Disneyland Ghost. The footage is shot out of surveillance cameras around the park. The ghost is seen looking grim and leisurely walking around Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion …

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OpenBiome Will Pay You $13k/Year For Your Poop

No, this isn’t a joke or the plot of the next “Hangover” movie. One nonprofit company, OpenBiome has taken the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a new extreme. They are actually paying individuals for their stool samples. All this for an extremely good and overlooked cause …

Day 6: ACIM Lesson 6 and Ghosts - Where I See Something that is Not There - Opening to the Possibility

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Andrew Smailes

+Leithan Langer I have to agree with you i think they have been here and another species with us a bit more advanced was here before but i think they…

Leithan Langer

Wow… finally someone who agrees with my ideas.. Im sure there are other things you or i might disagree on but ive been thinking the same as you posted.. I…


The Anunnaki had a global civilization in those days and they are still in charge. It's only information of our past that's been repressed but it's now emerging. The Anunnaki…

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